2017 Lodge Host Training Dates

2017 Lodge Host Training Dates

Sheepdog Lodge

Sheepdog Lodge


Hello Sheepdogs,

We are doing a big push to bring on more Hosts to help out at Sheepdog Lodge for 2017. We are receiving more guest requests than we have Lodge Hosts that can commit to help.

If you are interested in becoming a Sheepdog Lodge Host all you have to do is commit to a training night out at the lodge.

Here are the 2017 training dates:

Saturday, March 25 (5pm) – Sunday, March 26 (11am) ***FULL***

Friday, May 26 (5pm) – Saturday, May 27 (11am)

Saturday, July 15 (5pm) – Sunday, July 16 (11am)

Saturday, September 16 (5pm) – Sunday, September 17 (11am)

Friday, October 27 (5pm) – Saturday, October 28 (11am)

Saturday, November 18 (5pm) – Sunday, November 19 (11am)


The training consists of arriving at the lodge some time after 5pm for dinner and meet the rest of the hosts. We will show you all there is to know about the lodge. You’ll get a chance to experience a night at the lodge and what it is to be a Lodge Host. Then in the morning we will show you how anything else that we did get a chance to cover in the evening. Then head home at about 11am.

The training is very simple and it s just getting you comfortable with the lodge.

Hosting at Sheepdog Lodge is very simple…it’s just as if you were hosting someone at your home…except this is an awesome log cabin with wood stoves, free food, and great people!

Another question we always get is “Do I have to be a good cook?”. Well the answer is no. You can cook what ever you are comfortable and you’ll have a co-host there to help you out. So don’t worry about a thing. We also have a planned out menu all ready with a shopping list for you, if you need it.

Once you become a Lodge Host we ask for a commitment of 2 weekends per year and the dates. We will book a guest in to those dates and if we can’t book a guest then as a “Thank-you” for your commitment then the lodge is yours for that weekend to enjoy.

If you can make it out to one of the training nights please fill out the Lodge Host Application Form bellow and we will get you all set up and signed in.

Sheepdog Lodge would not be a place without our committed volunteers!

Can’t wait to hear back from,



Lodge Host Application Form

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