Would you like to volunteer?  We are always looking for volunteers!

  • Lodge Hosts – Sheepdog Lodge hosts are Veterans and/or First Responders that volunteer their time to host another Veteran or First Responder and their family.  The Lodge Host will be hosting a guest of the same occupation,  veteran with a veteran, police with police, etc.  The Lodge Host is expected to commit to a weekend to host a guest.  Even if there is not guest for that weekend the host gets to use the lodge for themselves.  We all need a get-away once in a while!  Click here for upcoming training dates
  • Lodge Co-Hosts – A Co-Host teams up with a Lodge Host and helps with all the hosting duties.  A Co-Host doesn’t have to be a Veteran or a First Responder but they do have to have some type of first hand knowledge of what a Veteran or a First Responder has gone through.  Maybe you are a family member or a close friend?  This is a way for you go give back and for Sheepdog Lodge to maintain the “hosts speak the same language as the guest” that we strive for.  Click here for upcoming training dates
  • Lodge Maintenance – There are always small and large jobs to be done around the lodge.  Mowing the grass, cutting and splitting firewood, to electrical and plumbing repairs.
  • Fund Development – Every not-for-profit needs help raising money to keep their organization going.  Help organize events like golf tournaments, pond hockey tournaments, shooting events, t-shirt sales, anything your creativity can come up with.